Why Choose Us?


Our standard platform

Customisable Designs

Easily create the perfect jobboard for your company or brand. Our designs are customisable, making it simple to change content, logos, images, and even colours. Design your perfect site today.

Flexible Plans

We appreciate that every jobboard business will have a unique pricing structure. And that’s why we’ve included the functionality to fully customise plans and pricing, to be the right fit for you. Whether it’s employer signups, CV credits, or a paid membership site, you can do it all with eJobBoard.

Dynamic Content

Not a technical person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our dynamic content. Easily edit and update page content, through our content management system. No technical knowledge required, just click on the particular page you’re trying to edit, and change the text as required. 

Personalised Support

We have a small, yet extremely dedicated team of jobboard support professionals. We are real people, with no egos. Many of us have our own jobboards, and we’re passionate about the space. Have a simple question? Want help with your jobboard? Schedule a real time call with our team, and/or get a personal email chain going. We’re here to help, and take great pride in our personalised approach.


All the features of Basic, plus...


Are you a jobboard which supports different countries? If so, you may be interested in our multi-language feature. Easily translate all your site content into different languages, so your visitors can enjoy a jobboard experience specific and meaningful to them.

Job Backfills and Distribution Services

Of course as a business owner, you want to hit the ground running after purchasing your software. We completely understand this, and that’s why we’ve provided a feature to immediately fill your jobboard with an array of job listings. Connect your site via XML feeds, and populate your site with relevant jobs almost instantly. No manual work populating jobs, gives you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

SEO Tools

Our premium jobboard comes with built in SEO tools. Enter in keywords related to your jobboard niche, and we automatically populate these words within the relevant tags and meta data. Such an approach helps potential customers find you.

Advanced Mailing System

Start conversations with your members! Whether you want to communicate with a single employer, or schedule a comprehensive newsletter blast to all your candidates, our advanced mailing system has your needs covered.